Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. {Fail}

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok, so I very recently participated in an Ornament Blog Sawp.

You might have read about it here.

Basically, I had high hopes Pinterest would come through for me and lead me to the perfect ornament. Well, I guess I could say it did do that. Just the execution was off. So here goes My saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

So here is where it started....

Tell me how easy that looks!

So off to Michaels and AC Moore I went. Gather my snow, styrofoam balls, foam paint brush. But I did forget the glue. Oops. So I thought it would be ok to improvise with wood glue. It said dries clear so why not? Well, folks.

{Here, is where I discovered I can not find any of the pictures I put together as I was doing this...womp, womp}

Ok. So fail 1. But I would not give up! I tried again...this time with actual craft glue as it suggests. Dried clear...give it a go and try to glue it. FAIL AGAIN. See how it all crinkled and gathered? Safe to say the cupcake holder was too big or the foam ball was too small. So off to another trip to Michaels and grocery stores to find the perfect fit. Unfortunately, another purchase of cupcake holders yielded the same result. (No picture for these because it was at this point I threw my hands in the air...or the ornament across the room. Either or ;)

But seeing as I still have one of the fails...snapped a quick pick.

That's my fail. Not cut out for that pin. But good luck to anyone who wants to try it. And clearly, it does work properly occasionally.

And I must end this post and this precious kitty have been together as mommy and fur baby for 3 years today. I picked her up an hour and a half away to bring her home and she has given me so much love.

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  1. cupcake ornaments!! adorable :) I never thought of that!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!


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