Things are Getting Crazyyyy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

With wedding planning that is. We are (practically) 
officially 6 months away from the big day!!
Weird to think I will be *hopefully* calm about the fact that tomorrow night is rehearsal then comes the big day in just 6 short months. Half a year. Minuscule amount of time really.

We are in the midst of the crazy, "we are behind" planning that it just might be starting to make my head spin. And by head spin I mean glasses of wine before I tackle my wedding to do list. 

And here is why. We are currently 'behind' on a few details.

-DJ..kind of a big one. I need to get my groove on properly
-Save the Dates. should have been out weeks ago. or months. Perhaps tomorrow?
-Hair/Makeup...have an appointment next week so hopefully making a decision soon!
-Officiant...we do kind of want to make this thing legit. Have contacted a few just have to take the next step
-Flowers....paint me a pretty bouquet. Have ideas floating around in my head.
-Wedding Cake-this has been procrastinated because of the fact that these two kids aren't really cake people. So in reality, it's just about what looks pretty :)

And then comes the task list for next month...which then makes 5 months...then 4 months...then oh man!


Anything I should be doing ASAP that isn't on this list? Let's hope not!

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