Wedding Wednesday: DJ Dilemmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So right now, we are trying to figure out one of the most important parts of our wedding. Yes, more important than a lot of things. We need to get our groove on properly, people.

And we need our guests to have an amazing time and never forget the awesome time they had dancing the night away at our wedding. BUT, we are running into the, what we want as opposed to what is in our budget.

Since we have already gone above our budget on photography  we have had to watch the rest of what we are spending and see where we can cut. So imagine our sadness when we realize what we want, there isn't just wiggle room with our budget.

Here is what we want from our DJ....

Awesome selection of music to get the party going
Not having a lull in music where people are sitting too long
The party feel
Everyone on the dance floor
Accommodating our music wants
Ceremony music
Cocktail hour music

I mean, you can't get shots like these without the proper entertainment.

Bee tee dubs, these are all from our amazing photographer Abella Studios

The DJ makes or breaks the wedding. Ok, maybe not breaks. Takes more than that after those vows to break it.

But it is what stands between an ok wedding to an amazing, awesome, fabulous wedding. And we all know we want that for our wedding. My best friend Steph's wedding was a blast and it was because of the great selection of music (ok, and maybe the spirits.)

And I want all the extras that give it that extra wow! The plasma screens, the lights, the confetti...we want it all! Which is the problem. We just don't have the ALL money to accommodate our wants. 

So we are left with the question, can we do it? How much would it put us over? Is it worth it for one day? What can we cut from? (That we haven't already cut)

I think it's the 6 month mark when the stress sets in. Because I feel it. 

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