Anatomy of a sick day

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today, was a sick day. 
Still carrying the fever like a champ. Still poppin' the cold meds and drinking the hot tea like it's my job. And I guess it is today being as I wasn't at my actual job today.

Basically, my day started with a late wake up call from Ms. Lily. Not sure if she was concerned or wanted the option to have her bowl filled with more food. 

I then proceeded to the couch, tried to get down some waffles before taking my cold medicine. Never have I ever not wanted to eat more than this morning. But then again, maybe this is a good wedding diet? 

Then my trusty phone rang with a nice reminder that my wedding dress was in!!! (which I had gotten the phone call last week but the holidays ate up my time) The nice lady told me I had 3 days to get it before it was returned...uh what!!. Cue me jumping in the shower, throwing on some makeup to disguise my pasty  white, sickly face and drive to the shop to pick up that nice dress.

THE DRESS IS NOW IN MY POSSESSION!!! And I get to look at it all day, everyday if I wanted. Well, if I didn't have an actual job. But this also means things are getting real. and real fast. Here we are getting into 2013...that means wedding year and 5 months to go!!

But anyways, back to my sick day which I know you are all loving to hear about. Stopped off at a through of course. Getting that wedding dress ate up all my energy. Ordered myself a large hot tea. Oh yea. There's something about a Dunkin Donuts hot tea that isn't the same as the one at home.

Proceeded to come home, change back into my sick day clothes, popped some more meds and passed out on the couch. Had the cutest snuggle buddy.

And here is all the great tv I watched today....CSI: Miami, He's Just Not That Into You, Real Housewives, Friends, The Ugly Truth, The Back-up Plan. All very good quality tv. And all the time downed lots of water and soothe my throat. Even added some apple cider vinegar in there. I'll try anything when I feel this awful.

I also spent some time catching up on blogs, preparing some fun, new things for my own blog (!) and entering into fun giveaways. Found this gem of a giveaway over at Very Jane. A New Years Giveaway where you can win 3 very awesome prizes.  

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit

Kitchen Aid Mixer

An iPad Mini

So very hoping I am one of the winners!

My bedtime will be coming soon I'm sure. But I am so very excited for my wonderful, handsome nurse to get home and take care of me:)

And THAT my friends, is my sick day.

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