Last 2012 Friday's Letters!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Can't believe we are already about to embark on another year..where did this year go?! Seriously. It seems like it was a couple weeks ago when I was sitting in my old apartment ringing in 2012 with my two favorites.

Now here we 2013!! So get ready for some year ending Friday's Letters...

Dear Fiance- This year has been a crazy year. Filled with wedding planning galore and the big move in. And I wouldn't have changed any of it. Nope, not even the slight bickering. We knew we had a lot of adjustments to make when we made the move and we will always have adjustments to make and I think it's a great test for our marriage. You have become a wonderful playmate for Lily. She has grown quite fond of you...even stealing my sleeping spot next to you when I leave every morning. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. But it makes me so happy :) Thanks for being so amazing and helping me deal with my emotional moments..and trying to get me to let things out better. I love you so much and am so ready for wedding year!!!!!!!!!

Dear family- I miss you terribly and feel like the past year was the first I have seen the least of my whole family. My childhood and teen years were spent with majority of you and I truly miss that. I know that it is just growing up but I want you all to know I love you very much and wish I could see all of you as much as my heart wants to see you.

Dear friends...near and many far- Same goes for all of you. Majority of you are the farther. Life has become hectic as a grown up causing scarcity in our visits. But please know I still cherish each and every one of your friendships and I truly wish we had all the time in the world to spend together. I miss seeing each of you on a  regular basis and catching up.

Dear bridesmaids- Thank you all for agreeing to stand with me on the most important day of my life. And helping with any wedding tasks and listening to any wedding complaining I might have to do. The next few months will go by so quickly and I am so glad to have you all! And I can't say thank you enough...but THANK YOU!!

Dear self- This year you made a big move and left your hometown. Switched jobs in a new area that this country gal just isn't used to. Helped your best friend celebrate her wedding festivities with a great bridal shower, fun bachelorette party and awesome bridesmaid speech (if you say so yourself) Did a good chunk of planning your wedding . To say you did it stress free would be a lie. But with all the changes and fun things going on, you have learned to adapt. Change was never your favorite but you will get it. In time things will come. You just have to keep reminding yourself that. And things do happen for a reason.

Dear Lily-Thanks for being such a special part of our lives. I love being a crazy cat lady and I am glad that I have some crazy cat lady friends to share in the joy of being a cat owner. Here's to another fun year with you

 Dear blog-2013 will be your big year...get ready for bright changes!! More frequent posting and more on the spot feeling postings. Going back to the original workings of the blog and why I started blogging. Hope you are all ready to start to SEE some of the changes ;)

Dear 2013/26 year old me- Get ready. I'm coming for you! It's wedding year and we couldn't be more excited!! You will be a year of many great things...not just marriage. We will get to commit our lives to each other, enjoy a week and a half of relaxation and hopefully a few other changes will be coming our way. No, not babies, people. Give us some time.
I am determined to have some great resolutions that I actually work on. Changes I need to work on for myself, Brian and our marriage (eekkk!!) And I changes I want to make for myself to move myself forward. 

Dear birthday-Thanks for showing up on a weekend, But no thanks to my work schedule. No birthday weekend for me :( Can we do a repeat of last year though?? Happy 1st Anniversary to one of my favorite couples :) Love you both!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's celebration planned and are looking forward to 2013!! See ya in the New Year!!

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