Friday's Letters

Friday, November 30, 2012

** I want to start including my favorite picture from my week with my Friday's letters :)

Dear Friday-If you could go quickly along with the rest of the week until next Thursday, that would be wonderful.

Dear Christmas decorations-Please arrive all at my home. I am in serious need to have you all together at once to plan the proper layout of some things. I am way behind on my Christmas decorating.

Dear December- Can't believe you are almost here. You bring Christmas, a birthday and officially down to 6 months.

Dear engagement pictures- I want to see you!! Waiting is just's starting to make us feel self conscious  Did we need that much retouching?

Dear blog- You are in need of some TLC and perhaps a new blog design. Once I get those engagement pictures back I am hoping to spruce you up a bit.

Dear new blog friends- Thanks for following along! So glad to have you and hope you enjoy it here :)


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