Weekend Update!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why do crappy Mondays always follow amazing weekends?!

I feel like it is the cycle. Ok, had an awesome weekend and feeling refreshed and ready to go then bam...awful day. Curse you Mondays!

But I seriously did have an amazing weekend. I made a trip up to Connecticut to see my big sister (bridesmaid!) and see Carrie Underwood!! It was my longest trip by myself in the car. Yes, only 3 hours but still...a small step for everyone else...a big step for Krista.

Carrie was amazing as usual. I was ...'Blown Away'..see what I did there? Even better than the last tour and her dresses and shoes were to die for. There might have even been serious consideration of stealing a few pairs for our own collection. Her boyfriend had the perfect headline, "Sorority sisters arrested trying to steal shoes off of Carrie's feet." We even got to indulge in a lot of people watching.

We did notice a new trend. So many girls were dressed like the were going to the club. I'm talking booty dresses and stiletto heels. We were just baffled by their choice of attire and had fun watching many people trying to make their way down a long flight of stairs in their attire.

Ok sidetracked. Great weekend. Can't wait to put together a little video for you all to see! I took some video and pictures and want to get creative and see what I can do :)


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