Birthday Twins

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today for the Tuesday10 is birthday twins! Let's see who has the most amazing birthday on the planet....December 30th!

 Meredith Viera-Started on the View then made her way to the Today show

 Eliza Dishku-Spirit Fingersss!!

 Tyrese-Transformers. Need I say more.

James Ward- Will always be the daddy on Sweet Home Alabama

Kristin kreuk-Superman!

Lebron James-Know this guy around here for the fiance's hatred towards him. Mrs. Lebron James. 

 Ryan Sheckler- Skateboarder, MTV, latest is ProActive commercials...and the latest celebrity with the best birthday!

Andddd that's all folks...didn't quite make it to ten but still fun to see birthday twins! And you know I love me some celebrities!


  1. Very cool! I googled mine (Nov 18), and the only one I recognized was Owen Wilson :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And yes, there are a few that I actually know haha


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