Friday's Letters!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Well hello everyone! It's been a bit since I have done a Friday's Letters so here we go!


Dear Snow-Slow it down. Please refrain from making another appearance until at least December. It makes life easier.

Dear engagement pictures-Maybe you will happen sometime soon? Hopefully? But I think you will now might be categorized as winter instead of fall. Seeing as the temperatures have dropped where if we don't wear a coat we might turn blue andddd all the leaves are almost gone. But this is also a cute option. I can get into this.

Dear Fiance-The best will come. I know it! And it will happen right when it's supposed to. For both of us. Love you!

Dear Carrie Underwood and Big!- See ya tomorrow!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT.!

Dear the Next Month- You will a very big challenge. Between trying to knock multiple things off the wedding to do list and the very busy work schedule, allowing very little time for fun things, you just might push me to my limit. But it also means it's almost Christmas! And so I will just listen to my Christmas music and Christmas movies to cope.

Dear Ornament Swap-


So excited to be participating in my first blog swap and what's more right up my alley than an ornament swap?! Getting my craft on to prepare my ornament for my partner! Hope she loves it!

And that is all folks! Off to pack for my weekend in CT!!


  1. I think winter engagement pictures would look lovely!

    1. I wasn't too keen on the idea of having to wear a coat in pictures but after a good chunk of time searching winter pictures I think I love them! Especially the one above.


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