The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tonight, is the night where How I met your Mother comes to an end. For 9 years, we have watched Future Ted tell his kids the story of How he met their mother.

"Kids, there's more than one story of how I met your mother. You know the short version, the thing with your mom's yellow umbrella, but there's a bigger story ..."

The show has followed, Ted Mosby, as he navigates life with his best friends, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin, trying to find "the girl with the yellow umbrella." And spending a lot of time in their local pub, MacLaren's.

There have been,..legen...wait for it...DARY!, LEGENDARY. moments between this friends. Slap bets, Robin Sparkles, Barney teaching "The Bro Code" as he lots of tips and tricks for women, all the while SUITING UP. Moments you can laugh with, cry with and just overall, say WHAAAT??

We have watched since it has started and it has been a huge part of our lives. Might sound silly for a TV show but it's true. My mom was chuckling in the living room one night and I asked her what she was watching, it was How I Met Your Mother. She told me all about the story and I watched Robin sparkles sing, "Let's Go to the Mall," with my mom.

I talked with Brian about it and he too had started to watch the show. As the years went on, he quoted the show. Talked about it with friends. Tweeted about it. I watched the first 3 seasons on my old desktop computer trying to frantically catch up 5 years ago. Since then, I have also followed along.

How I Met Your Mother has spent birthdays with us.

Sent HIMYM clues for his birthday present of all 4 seasons!


Notice the pineapple? ;)

Even Lily has joined in on the HIMYM watching.

Notice, she's also named Lily.

On June 7th, my wedding day, I was even "the girl with the yellow umbrella." My groom gifted to me a yellow umbrella on the morning of our wedding day as I had been so upset about the rain that would be coming down on our wedding day. It was a reminder, rain or no rain, I was his "girl with the yellow umbrella."

Lucky gal I am.

As we watch the last How I Met Your Mother, just a little thanks.


...For taking us through the past 9 years, always believing in destiny and stealing that blue french horn, Ted.

...For coining the term "lawyered" even when it had to do with food, being AWESOME at game night and for shaving your head on your wedding day, Marshall.

...For hating the word "moist", being the Slap Bet commissioner and for always thinking you are the matchmaker, Lily.

...For being Canadian, Robin Sparkles and using literally in pretty much every sentence, Robin.

...For all the inappropriate jokes, inventing "The Bro Code" and having 2 epic proposals, Barney.

...For giving us one heck of a show.
Farewell How I Met Your Mother.

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  1. That is the sweetest gift ever! I never got into HIMYM, but I love how significant it is in your guys' relationship. :)

  2. It's so odd sometimes how a TV show can be such a big part of your life. And might make me sound a bit crazy haha

  3. I AM SO SAD... I'm also completely jealous of your yellow umbrella. I'm going to yell at Jake for not thinking of that cute idea himself! ;) We've had so much fun watching it together.

  4. What a great post! I didn't watch the show from the beginning, but my husband has. I started watching it when I met him, and I've been hooked for many years now.

  5. I Met Your Mother. She told me all about the story and I watched Robin sparkles sing, "Let's Go to the Mall," with my mom. umbrella

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