My Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Talking about my weight or body image is not something you see on here often. What you do see me talk about A LOT is what new diet or healthy eating kick I am on.

My weight isn't something I'm obsessed with but I will admit, I think about it a lot. It was a constant reminder growing up when my family would mention how skinny I was and didn't fit in with the family. I was blessed with a high metabolism I guess. Where did that go?

Prom 2005

Always being the "skinny" family member definitely contributed to my concern over any and all weight gain. I saw a pound creep up and I instantly became concerned. I went through diet pills, weight loss strategies and ran like a fiend just to keep the pounds off back then. Not smart, Krista for your college self who did none of those things.

My sophomore year of college was my heaviest I've ever been. That weight won't be disclosed as I am still a little embarrassed that the number got up that high without it being contributed to a new life being inside me.

I was in love, just joined a sorority that I loved and was happy with my life. There was a kitchen downstairs where it was easy to indulge in pizza rolls and chicken fingers. I definitely did not have a scale to monitor the weight gain. I saw pants getting tighter and I loved my sweatpants but it was ok. I was happy.

In the same dress, 2010

Then, I ended up with a knee condition in the spring of 2010. For 3 months, I was a medical mystery. 3 MRI's, physical therpay for no reason, 4 X-Rays. No one knew why my knee was the size of a basketball and I couldn't walk on it. Turns out it was that tricky meniscus. Had some surgery, physical therapy and somehow the weight just fell off.

That summer, I lost 20 pounds. Typing that I still can't believe that I was that heavy to be able to lose that much and not even be near the 100 mark. (not saying that is EVER my goal) I felt absolutely amazing and my blood pressure was under control again. I could run and workout and I actually wanted to.

Naturally, I had to go on a shopping spree. I was a whole new person coming back to college my junior year. I felt free and had to battle some things and new clothes would help me take on the world. Cue my "skinny" jeans. As we all know as, the jeans that linger to a period when you were at your "best" weight.

Skinny jeans!

Since I put on those skinny jeans, I have obviously not kept up with that weight. It has been a constant fluctuation with ups and downs, ups and down some more. It creeps up then I realize and do something about it.

Put some back on. Spring 2009.

Christmas 2009. Weight off again.

Engagement Pictures 2012. Up again.

On our wedding day. Way down. Thanks stomach flu!

As you can see, after college, I lost another 10 pounds. Not as much booze I think. But then I moved on my own, got engaged and loved my job. It was the happy weight you see in my engagement pictures. That then came off during operation wedding weight loss and stomach flu.

And those skinny jeans? Those jeans still sit in my closet. Circa 2010. I can't say they just sit there and collect dust because they don't. I pull those jeans out on a regular basis. They are how I know I am gaining weight or losing weight. Or might be carrying a little extra in the love handles.

It might seem like I am obsessed with my weight. And I would say yes and no. Carrying a few extra pounds, no big deal. But too many of those pounds look and feel different on a 5 ft. 2 in. person than someone taller. It also affects how I feel overall. I feel more tired and just overall blah.

It's part of why I keep the skinny jeans. I felt like I could take on the world when I first bought those skinny jeans. I felt sexy. My blood pressure dropped, my skin improved. I was living life and really enjoying it. Those skinny jeans are more about how I FELT in them rather than what I looked like.

If I gain a few pounds, I don't stress or worry about it. I hardly get on the scale after operation wedding weight loss. But I do get concerned when I start to feel the weight gain. My blood pressure, my skin, my overall well being.

I might opt to toss those skinny jeans come spring cleaning time. Or I might still hold on to them. Still haven't made the full decision if I really still need them around. I have put on some of the newlywed pounds but I will call that my happy weight and I won't let my skinny jeans tell me any different. 

Do you have skinny jeans? How long have you kept them?
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  1. i sadly can't wear skinny jeans. I have hips and bootay that I wish wasn't all that big. but it runs in my family. just hope it doesn't get bigger as the years go by. with it getting spring and then summer I hope to be outside more and plan to get back on the stationary bike which is outside which is a good thing :D

  2. Shoot girl, I can't wear my skinny jeans anymore. I'm not as far away from them as I once was, but I seem to have some cosmic mental block that is keeping me from achieving that goal. I'm convinced that I need Jillian Michaels to hang out with me for a few weeks and that I'll be in tip top shape then! :)

  3. I was gifted the same thing from my German roots ;) the warm weather will definitely motivate us all!

  4. Let's just say, I did a kickboxing DVD of hers and she scared me, through the tv. I can only imagine how much she would make me cry standing next to me!

  5. Weight is such a touchy thing and so different for everyone. It's hard as women because sooo many things contribute to our bodies--the food we eat, yes... but also our moods, hormones, and so many other things. Rough life. :) haha


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