Cheers Not Jeers

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I think it's beyond time I have gotten on the groove with this Cheers Not Jeers. Blogging has introduced me to great women and I love being able to connect with them and give them some "cheers!"

Cheers not Jeers

Today, I want to give the gal who gave my blog some new life some much needed cheers for her amazing talent and just be an awesome person.

Brianna, from Endlessly Beloved, is an Arizona gal that wishes for all the snow us here on the East Coast are tired of. There might have been a heated Twitter debate about it.

She loves iced coffee, talks about the 90s and runs a great design business, Sparkle Out Loud.

Brianna has a great spirit and passion when it comes to blogging and blog design. She was available at all times and even if she wasn't she would email back a quick comment when she would be available. This fresh new look wouldn't be here without her expertise.

She also hosts a very successful link up every month, 10 Favorite Things.

Clearly, she has this whole blogging thing down and is someone you definitely want to get to know. So go, now.

Absolutely loving this link up and think you should just give some cheers to fellow bloggers!

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  1. this just made my day! thank you! <3

  2. Loving her blog already! And of course your blog design!

  3. She definitely has some talent!

  4. Well of course! Loving my new design and need to give you a shoutout for it.

  5. I've linked up. I love doing link ups. I'd do link up's daily if I could find em.

    Would love for you to come join my hop @


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