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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This was the first bachelor season I have really gotten into for awhile. I think the last might have been Jesse Palmer. Yea, going wayyyy back.

The concept of this show was becoming old and diluted to me. These men and women would come on this show, fall in love and out of love so fast. It never lasted and started to irk me. What was the point of this again? Did anyone really want to find love?

But then came the hype over Juan Pablo and after the first night I was hooked. There was something about it. I blame bloggers everywhere for raving about this Juan Pablo.

Oh yea, definitely something about it. Juan Pablo is now the most controversial Bachelor in it's history. Or so Chris Harrison tells me. But here are all my thoughts on the matter because I know you want to hear it.

 Do I think Juan Pablo is as awful and assholish as people are saying? The night the motion of the ocean left him carried away, yes. Such a cop out using his daughter.Clare came to the room, he not only said yes but went to change. Then tried to make her feel guilty for the whole thing. Just grow a better pair. Please and thank you.

However, Juan just did what every woman wants a guy to do. Tell the truth. He didn't like the woman? He told her. Was i delicately put as we all might of wanted to be? Definitely not. But he told the truth. He slept with a woman. He told the other one.

And don't even get me started on the whole Andi fiasco. Do we all forget she admitted to sleeping with a guy she wasn't sure she even had feelings for? Come on, ladies. Let's be fair here. She's a grown woman who made a choice, who knew what position Juan was in.  She was having doubts from their fantasy suite "talk" and did it anyway. Just say no. Make grown up decisions and don't be upset when you are upset at yourself for going through with it.

And if anyone forgot what The Bachelor was about, it's about the hope of finding love. Maybe Juan Pablo really didn't. Who are we to make him admit he did or didn't? Who are we to say Nikki needs to make a run for it because he hasn't said I love you? Once again, he's being truthful if he's not there yet and just saying it for the show or because she wants him to.

He is also not the first Bachelor not to propose. And even the ones that did have long since moved on from the set betrothed.

So everyone, relax. Juan Pablo was The Bachelor. He gave good ratings, will always be remembered and probably won't be with the woman he chose. Just like the 12 before him.

And just to say, I was Team Clare. And will still probably tune into The Bachelorette. Because it's like crack.

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  1. I didnt watch this bachelor b/c the first show or two i watched I wasn't impressed by him. He had this way about him that seemed so fake which is clearly why he didn't win on the last bachelorette show he was on. There's clearly something wrong when you can't appeal to people and they call you an asshole. His whole thing with uh huhing when someone is talking to him seriously just gets to me. Um respond back douche bag. LOL


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