Five on Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weeee, I am her for my first ever Five in Friday. Get ready for it. 

One. Beauty and the beast. I will never grow up from you. I loved my husband for getting me tickets to see the play. I missed it on Broadway and so glad I was able to see it. 

Two. Marriage boot camp is back tonight. If you ever heard or watched bridezillas, this is a great guilty pleasure. These couples are crazy and it's my guilty pleasure.

Three. So so excited to be back on the sponsoring train. Looking forward to putting more life back into to this blog. And seriously considering the Blogcation. 

Four. Thanks Target active clearance I now have a wardrobe that I will pretend will put me in the fitness mood. 

Five. Gluten has pretty much been left out of my life the past 2 months and I have felt a lot better. I am excited to continue on with this and even do my yeast free from time to time. 

What's your five favorites from the week? Have a great weekend! 


  1. what do you eat that doesn't have gluten in? and why do you do this? j/w b/c they say with not having a gallbladder that eating gluten is good for you. but i dont know though :(

    and i wish i was tagging along with you go see beauty and the beast. I just saw an advertising for it on ice and i would love to go. but finances dont help that come true.

  2. Target active clearance is the BEST! I would love to swap buttons with ya girl, if you're interested. :)

  3. I have had sugar problems in the past and some stomach problems and after reading wheat belly, I am convinced I want to be gluten free.


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