All I will say is UGH

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It seems I have been hit with some sort of virus or sickness or something. Not really sure at this point. 

Earlier in the week I thought it was due to my poor food and drink choices over the weekend and left it at that. Turns out, not so much. 

I thought maybe it could be a cold but then I thought stomach virus. Now I am out of ideas and made the awful decision to head to WebMD. Now I think I have the plague or appendicitis.

I'm hungry but in pain. Not hungry and have a huge headache. In and out fever. And I will spare any other details that enter into the TMI area. If any of this sounds familiar, give a girl some help. 

The point of this rambling story is I am spending this first day of spring curled up on the couch. Missing my Rita's and free iced coffee from Dunkin. I have also been missing out on blog and social media life. My bed and my couch are my favorite while I whine to my husband about if I should go to the ER. Let's hope the answer keeps being no. 

Buttt I can't forget to mention, winter is over!!


  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon and whatever you have goes away!!!

  2. Oh girl, I am SO sorry! I hope you get feeling better asap!! (As in, you wake up feeling 100% better in the morning ;))

  3. Oh no girl! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Like most people would ask me now a days b/c apparently it's the water. Are you pregnant? LOL i'm only joking. Hope you feel better soon. I haven't heard of anything like this. If it was a bad headache that only goes away after eating I'd say dehydrated or a hang over. But, that doesnt look to be the case. and no i'm not a dr or a nurse. Looking up what you have is a bad idea. B/c they say when you do that you'll think you have tons of things. LOL Just make sure you drink and stay hydrated and I dont mean ritas (that is if you mean margaritas) I mean, like sprite, ginger ale, tea, 7up. soda crackers just to snack on if you need some food and cant keep anything down. I'm sorry hun. Hope you do feel better by the weekend. :(


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