Spring Cleaning Tips

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As we are entering into the official start of spring this week, it is time to think of our annual cleaning ritual, Spring Cleaning. It's a time to go through all that stuff you have lying around, really get down with your bad cleaning self and whip your home into shape for those summer BBQ's. Go ahead, take a minute to really think about those summer BBQs. We are all more than ready for it.

I know I will be starting my spring cleaning very shortly in anticipation of a move. And here is exactly how I get my cleaning self into proper spring cleaning mode.

Prepare Grab a glass of your favorite vino or adult beverage. You make the decision whether to enjoy it before, during or after. Have all your favorite cleaning products on hand. My go tos are the Swiffer Duster, Lysol or Clorox wipes, pink cleaning gloves and a lot of paper towels.

Toss-Donate-Keep- Designate a donate pile before you even start clearing out the closets. Have the trash bags ready to just toss. Really evaluate if the items are worth taking up your closet and room space. Worth stressing you out over the clutter they might causing.

Unsure if you can? Try the 12-12-12 rule. Find 12 items you want keep, 12 items you want to donate and 12 items you want to trash. Right there, you have 36 items already taken care of. Your closets will breathe a little better.

Organize Now it's time to tackle all the stuff that is left in your keep pile and see where it belongs with all the rest of your stuff. Closets, under the bed, drawers, desk. You name it, organize it. Start the new season with a fresh, organized view from your desk or closet. Baskets are always a great idea to really start the organizing. Label away.

Deep Clean Get those cleaning gloves out. Pink ones optional. You will dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming like you haven't in the past 8 months. This includes moving furniture, washing windows and flipping the mattress. You can't forget to clean the pantry, fridge and toilet. All of the favorite spots. And just in case you need a checklist like me.

Reintroduce spring Switch out the winter bed linens, winter clothes and bathroom linens. Introduce the bright back into your life with spring sheets and towels. Pep up your wardrobe.It's time to kiss winter goodbye. And I can say for anyone on the east coast, we are ready!

Any tips you have for spring cleaning? How much are you looking forward to spring?
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