Bringing the Happy into April

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hi there April!

New month, spring looks like it might be poking it's head around the corner and I am ready to get out of this funk I am in. It's a funk that makes me want more than I have, hate on things that should be bringing me joy and just all around being a cranky pants.

I have decided April is the month that changes. I am starting a couple of challenges, fun things, projects to really help me out. To really focus on the bigger picture of how great life is for me right now. And the things that aren't so great, will work out.

1. 100 Days of Happy

This is the true happy of happy challenges. You take a picture everyday for 100 days of what makes you happy. Even on those bad days there is one thing in your life that is happy. Sometimes we forget this and I know I need to focus on these little happy parts of my day more.

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2. 30 Day Beach Body Workout

Time to get this butt in gear. Give me those endorphins, please.

The 30 Day Beach Body Workout includes simple workouts of bicycle crunches, planks, high knees and then there are some difficult ones like burpees and plank walks. At least for me as these arms are in the scrawny zone right now.


3. Wife After God

Two things I rarely talk about on here, politics and religion. Religion is not a huge part of our lives currently but I grew up going to church every Sunday then Sunday School then Youth Group. One day, it tapered off to less and less but I never stopped believing that God is a part of our lives. And now that I am married and struggling with things in my life, I am trying to really let this part of my life back in. Maybe this is why I am struggling because I haven't been giving God the time that I should.

I stumbled upon the Wife After God series a couple months ago and I made it through 2 weeks of it before I kind of veered off, skipped some days and then just stopped. But this month, I am determined to see it all the way through and really learn that my marriage is a true blessing from God and it is a reflection of His love for us.

This month, I am determined to come out of it a much better person. For me, my husband and my family.


What are your goals for April? Anything you do that gets you out of a funk?
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  1. I love your 100 days of happy idea! It's so easy to forget the little things that make you happy- I'm totally trying this!


  2. That's such a wonderful idea! I think it helps for us to focus on the positive things in our life. :)

  3. I am really excited to be doing this. And it's a good reminder that even in the "worst" of days, there are always happy moments.

  4. That's what I'm hoping! Need to get more positive back in my life.

  5. Good luck with the 30 day fitness challenge!

  6. Thank you! So far, it has really pushed me and my legs feel it :)


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