Top 10 Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

As we enter into wedding season, we enter into bridal shower season. Cue the last additions to the registry and guests scrambling around to find the most useful gift for the newlyweds.

Choosing what to put on your registry can be a daunting task. As can be what to gift to the bride and newlyweds. Lucky for you, a year ago I had my own bridal shower filled with so much love and gifts. If you're stumped on what to add to your registry or give a newlywed couple, these list of must-haves are what we have loved using this past year!

Top 10 Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Keurig Coffeemaker- One of the most popular registry items the past few years that just keeps getting better and better. There are so many different varieties of coffee flavors, it can be a surprise every morning! Not to mention, you can ditch the tea kettle because it also makes cups of hot water.

Handheld Vacuum-There will be plenty of tiny messes to clean up your first year as you juggle living as a twosome. I am partial to this Shark Handheld because it is great to clean cat hair off the couch and you can also use it for the car. Plus, very husband friendly.

Non-Stick Cookware-Whether you are a seasoned cook or a newbie, you want non-stick cookware. As a wife, you will want to try out all kinds of new recipes to impress the new hubby. And some might err on the side of burnt. Non-stick provides an easier clean up. Also useful for when the husband wants to try his hand at the cooking and just might set off the fire alarm. Hey, it happens.

Bedding-The one thing you will use literally every single day. I'm sure it is beyond time that you update that bedspread from your single days. Bring in the new, fresh to your marriage. Plus, you can decorate around the new color scheme. And get to start to justify your purchases for that to your new husband.

Knives-No, not for the tough times in marriage ;) Great for all that cooking from scratch you will attempt. There are no words for how new knives can make you feel like you can cut, chop, poke anything. Basically, recipes are at your mercy with new knives. Especially when they are Martha Stewart. Chopping wizard, anyone?

Mixing Bowls-You know all of those recipes in that bright, shiny, new recipe book made from your bridal shower inserts? They require multiple steps. And multiple bowls. Don't let your head spin. Register for mixing bowls. They are a lifesaver when you are trying to multitask for a recipe. Martha Stewart is a genius that offers mixing bowls that measure and do not slide. Game changer.

Dishes-It's time to ditch the idea of fine china. You have so many options for finer casual dishes. Meaning, they can be used for your everyday dishes and also be used for dinner parties. It is also necessary to say good-bye to those mismatched, plastic plates and update your cabinet.

Crockpot-Life. saver. Adjusting to newlywed life can be a struggle in the beginning. Between all the cleaning, cooking and working, it can be a bit overwhelming. The crock pot allows you a little breathe room when you get home from work as it cooks the dinner for you! Plus, this adorable Crockpot dip warmer is great for spinach artichoke dip at parties.

Mixer/Blender-You can't find a registry these days that do not have a fancy mixer or blender. It's basically a new wife right of passage to know how to make fancy desserts and cookies for family functions. Or to whip up a proper margarita to lounge out on the patio with. The Ninja is a great alternative for a larger KitchenAid mixer as it mixes small batches of cookies and cake batter. Much more intimate dinner party appropriate. And of course, those margaritas.

Monograms-Assuming you are taking on a new last name, the excitement of a new initial is something that can't be explained. Make sure to add a few fun items with your new married initial to welcome yourself as a new married lady. And to flaunt as a newlywed.

What are your registry must-haves? Anything you wish you had added to your registry?


  1. I LOVE our kitchen aid mixer and keurig that we got as wedding gifts. I also love our food processor and juicer...two things I would not have bought myself, but I'm so happy that I have them!

  2. Love these - as a bride-to-be, I've made sure to have most of these on our registry! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks so much for coming by! When's the big day?! Hope you are loving wedding planning :)

  4. May 31! It's coming up soon! And wedding planning has been busy, but good!


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