Love It Forward: Husband Lovin'

Thursday, April 17, 2014

First, not that kind of lovin' will be talked about here. Keep moving along..

What is Love It Forward about? Love It Forward it just about that, love. Putting love back into the world and showing people the kindness everyone is capable of. It can be anything from making your husband breakfast to paying for a complete strangers coffee. Just a little something or something on a larger scale. Just spread the love and you jut might put a smile on someone's face that really needs it. 

The past few weeks I have had a rough go of things. By my own doing for the most part. I was sick a whole week, husband took care of me. I had insomnia the one week and husband dealt with the crankiness. He cleaned for me. Did a little bit of cooking and was pretty great at talking me out of my black hole. He definitely deserved a little extra love from me this week.

Brian's love language is quality time so I decided to make him his favorite dinner, Chicken Lo Mein and grabbed some of his favorite beers on my way home from work. We ate at the table (I admit we do not do that all the time..) and had genuine conversation. About our weeks, house chatting and just general newlywed talk. I'm sure there was mention of Lily a time or two.

It was really nice to be able to spend that time with him especially knowing our schedules would be crazy over the next week. It's always nice to spread the love right in your own home. Give a little extra for your husband. Say thank you. Show appreciation.

And feel free to also give some of the other lovin' too. Totally up to you.

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  1. So sweet! I love making the little efforts to make the hubs feel loved. We all know us ladies can be difficult... so I'm sure they love the reminder that they're appreciated. :)

  2. I just saw you linked up, so happy to have you! That's so sweet of your husband to take care of you during your rough patch. What I love about how you showed him love is how you used his love language. It's not that hard to show appreciation, but putting in the effort to show it in a way that really satisfies the recipient is so thoughtful. So glad you linked up, I hope you will again!

  3. Ok so late on this one but definitely! Especially during that once a month, you never know how we can be!

  4. I always love the idea of spreading the love to everyone. Already thinking of my new idea!


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