...Baby One More Time

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

15 years ago, it was 1999.

It was the year when Britney Spears spent 32 weeks as Number 1 on Billboard Top 100 for Baby One More Time. That song reminds of personal radios with cassettes. Rewind, play. Rewind, play again.

Before her CD was released I would sit by the radio ready to hit record so I could replay it on my cassette over and over.  Feel free to reminisce won't you?

She was the innocent Britney. The Britney before the shaved head days. When she wore matching jean outfits with Justin Timberlake and young girls everywhere were freaking out over all her songs. Guilty as charged.

I was the awkward age of 12. I was 6 months before my teenage years, just started to see the sprout of fresh acne on my face. My hair. Well, my hair. It's the years you kind of say, "What was I thinking?"

Me at age 12.

Old Navy was the what all the cool kids were wearing. Mostly because it had just opened in my one floor, tiny spec of a mall. It was a hit. The only thing I wanted to wear was something that had "Old Navy & Co." plastered across the front.

It was the year I refused to wear glasses any longer. Literally. I thought it was cool to squint all day to get my way. I mean, it did work. But what a brat. Now, I would give anything to have better glasses to wear more. Cycle of life.

12th Birthday Feeding Dolphins

I played the clarinet and chose band as my extracurricular activity. Made it to first chair (code: really the best) before I decided, I was just too cool to be in the band. Still have that clarinet floating around. Because you never know when I might want to bust out a tune. *thanks for no pictures of these, fam.*

And it just so happens, I revisited this time period my senior of college. School girl, chair dance, Baby One More Time. Cest la vie. Am I right?

Every hear a song that takes you back to moments in your life? Or do you remember the young, innocent Britney Spears? Tell me ALL about them.

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  1. Oh hey, I did band too and was first chair clarinet!!! Woop Woop. HAHAHHAHAAHHA

  2. I was in band in middle school and played the clarinet too :) And oh gosh do I remember the days of Britney Spears and me being in the most awkward stage of my life haha

  3. Well, obviously we were actually the cool kids. Looking back...I'm actually just trying to sell my clarinet now haha!

  4. I cringe when I look back at some of the photos..and that's just another thing we have in common! the list keeps growing :)


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