Five on Friday: How I Met Your Mother Edition

Friday, April 4, 2014

Since my Girl with the Yellow Umbrella post, I am sure that many of you have been wondering my thoughts on the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Let's just say it took me all week just to write this post.

1. There were 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. 9 seasons where you see Ted love Robin, break up with Robin, fall in love with someone else but still it's Robin, then she's with Barney and he still loves her. He finds the locket, you think it will happen before she marries Barney. But no. Ted says " Nah, I'm good." He finally finds the girl we have all been hearing about. The girl with the yellow umbrella. Then, she's gone just like that and we are left with Ted and Robin. We could have stopped this story 8 seasons ago.

2. This last season was kind of a bore at some parts. We spent the whole season watching one day play out, Robin and Barney's wedding. Barney had finally found the woman who could make him settle down and it was a great love story between two friends. But no, oh wait. After spending 15 episodes on their day, they end up divorced and Barney is right back to where he was before, making a new playbook. What in the heck?! Takes the romantic part out of the episode where he proposed to Robin and burned the playbook. Way to ruin one of my favorite episodes.

3. The best friends, always there for the big moments, because it's not legendary if they aren't, really aren't that close anymore. One moves away, does her own thing and misses all the big moments. Except for showing up for the wedding of the man she has always been in love with.Why base a show on how great their friendships are when in the end, it doesn't last the hard stuff?

4.As new and creative as it might have seemed to have the ending written at the very start of the show, we all see now why that is actually a really, really bad idea. You are locked into that ending, you force it to be played out not know when your seasons could end. Then you end up with an ending that leaves fans less than satisfied. Crater Bays & Craig Thomas. I will be wary of any show that you write here forward. I might have enjoyed the episodes, but the previous seasons, it feels like a boring story leading up to a predictable ending. And that's a sad realization coming from someone who has seen this show be a part of their lie.

5. In the end, the real love story will always be Marshall & Lily. The two who met in college, went through some tough spots and still stuck it together. I loved their 5 year "real vows" of how marriage is. I know I no longer want to be the girl with the yellow umbrella. I want to be a version of Marshmallow and Lily Pad.

As you can see, I am a little bitter about the ending. I have seen my share of series endings and this might be my absolute least favorite, including a One Tree Hill ending with no Peyton and Lucas. 

Ok, now off to see Robin be Agent Hill in Captain America. 

What were your thoughts on the series finale? 
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  1. Totally agree with everything you said here! I thought this season kind of dragged on and then everything was just crammed in to that final episode. I felt like they could have spread out everything that happened in the finale over 3 or 4 episodes to make it a little better. I felt like I didn't even have time to "connect" with what was happening in the finale because as soon as something major happened, they moved on to something else...I wasn't impressed at all by the finale.

  2. I personally LOVED the finale! But, I agree that this season was drawn out and blah. I mean really, the lead up to their wedding played out in more episodes than it was actual days being covered. Either way, I'll miss catching up with the crew!

  3. It was such a let down. They were stuck with this ending 9 years ago and it clearly didn't work.

  4. I will definitely miss it! And it seems there were definite mixed reviews of loved and hated.


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