wedding Wednesday: WEDDING DRESS: CHECK!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*Inset corny* I said YES TO THE DRESS!!!

(even though I didn't go anywhere near as fancy as Kleinfeld's because let's be serious, I can't afford that)

That's right, I have purchased the wedding dress! And I am so excited!! I seriously want it here tomorrow. Actually 5 days ago when I bought it. 

It is something I never knew I would love, but it fits perfectly. It was the very first dress I ever put on and it was perfect. Of course, I looked around just to be indecisive self. And took about 3 months to do it butttt in the end it was THE DRESS!!

And since my fiance reads this...I can't go into much detail but let's just say it isn't like any of these...Figures, I'm Miss Never Know What I Want.

But I would just like to tell my story about the dress. 

And forewarning, if you want to hear a fully OMG it was amazing story...then you might want to stop reading. Because well it wasn't always OMG. Not saying I didn't have the best support team EVER (because they were the best!) but doing it without your mom who you always thought would be there, was at times, difficult. 

Well, to begin with I waited until 3 months ago to look for a wedding dress. Approximately a year after I got engaged. Just for that reason. I was not ready to do this without my mom and I knew if I did it before I was ready I would be a blubbering mess and it would just be a mess. So at the very end of July I figured it was about time to get this over with. (Yes, that is what I felt like because it just didn't feel right to me)

I always knew I wouldn't be the bride with the 3 thousand dollar dress (no offense, just doesn't fit me) I am more of the modest, practical type that thinks about how it's just for one day, a few hours then it sits in the closest. So my first stop was David's Bridal because they have more modest dresses. I made up a wish list of my dresses and went on my way. And let's just say it was the first one I picked and the first one I tried on that ended up being the one. 

But even as my sister and two best Friends were there cheering me one and saying how beautiful they all were, it just didn't feel right. Even when my sister cried over the one dress, just still didn't feel right. I was more of ok, let's get this over with. Then I decided to not make my decision that day and look other places. Well, I made one more trip when I went with my best friend as she picked up her dress. Her mom ushered me into a couple of dresses. Her care and concern for my dress choice really touched my heart. And seeing as she kept putting me in sweetheart dresses, I realized that was the option for me. Truly blessed to have not only such a wonderful best friend, but a best friend's momma to truly force me into dresses, which I'm sure I needed :)

Needless to say, I wanted to wait until after my friend's wedding to do that all over again but that first dress was still in my mind. So last Thursday, being as I was on vacation, I made the decision to make another trip to David's Bridal to decide on this dress. This time I made the trip with another bridesmaid, Heather, (you've seen here here) basically the little sister I never had aka. my cousin. And somehow with her there it helped. And of course, sister and best friend and other best friend through text after failed facetime chat!

I went through a couple of new ones but I still said let me try that one. And in the end it was it. And I cried. Never thought I was the type but I guess so. And I promptly ran into the dressing room to hide my face because crying in public is more embarrassing for me than anything. I have issues with people looking at me. Yea, good luck bridesmaids getting me down the aisle ;)

But I still looked at the bride across the room helping her mom pick out her mother of the bride dress and it weighed on my heart that I won't be able to do that. But I felt my mom there and knew the dress I picked she would approve. She was always the out there one, which is where I get it from ;) We never cared what other people thought, we just did us. and I will honor her with my dancing skills at my wedding with my very dancing friendly dress.

SO, SO, SO EXCITED I FINALLY HAVE THE DRESS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE HERE ALREADY!! now on to the finishing touches... - Hmmm, I wonder why getting stressed rhymes with wedding dress?

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