Show and Tell!

Monday, October 15, 2012

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends?

My car was a 98 Chevy Cavalier and I loved it. I whipped that thing around like nothing and enjoyed how wonderful it was on gas. I had that car through college, minus air conditioner and with overheating. 

I was a looney tunes so get ready for this. I had 3 jobs when I was 17. They were at a local deli, a waitress at a pizzeria and ShopRite. Yea, I have no idea how I did it. 

My weekend always included Friday and Saturday nights at the pizzeria, early mornings at the deli and late nights spent not doing what I should have been doing. How did I ever manage all of that?

2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 {roughly}.

very roughly...I was a little over 18 here but all my other pictures are in storage :(

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you "grew up."

At this time I wanted to be magazine editor. Had decided I was going to college for journalism and loved to write. I wanted to be a city girl, even applied to NYU because I knew that would get me there. Life had other plans, for the better :)

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it.

I had the athletic, jerky Typical girl saying I wanted the nice guy but always found the jerk. But I would just like to say the Rascall Flatt's song, " Bless the Broken Road" that led me to you :)

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

Well, I am not to 27 yet but I would have to say half yes, half no. The biggest was I never, ever though my mom wouldn't be in my life a mere 5 years later. I had thought I would already have a little babe by now but I know that was not meant to be and am kind of glad. God has his plan I guess. I love my sleep and would never be able to handle a baby right now. He knows that. 

I did think I would have a job I love and be more successful in my career. Isn't that why I just applied to all those colleges? That is the one area of my life that makes me go crazy. But everything happens for a reason, right?

These are always so much fun and I can't wait until next week!!

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