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Monday, October 8, 2012

Time to tell you all about my weekend! It's weekend update!

Or I can give ya some Instagram pics because ya know, I got a super cool new Ipod touch (If ya haven't heard) And I finally can pretend I'm a cool kid with Instagram.

This is my Bride to be Vox Box from Influenster that I received last Thursday and started using it's contents this weekend. More information to come on this awesome stuff on Wedding Wednesday!

Hit the 8 month mark yesterday!!!  And there is so much we have to do yet and it has finally sunk in that time is really moving fast. Pretty soon it will be six months, then a month then wedding day! But it's ok I have a plan to get as much done possible this week on my vacation. So fingers crossed by the end of the week the dress will be decided, bridesmaids dresses at least looking, programs, menus, save the dates done, hotel done and possibly florist. Like I said, fingers crossed!

Friday night we had an intense game night with the newlyweds! Played UNo for the first time in forever and had some delicious wine.  Overstayed our welcome maybe just a little bit since we were there until 2 am. Whoops. But we were just having so much fun! (Excuse the fiance's finger...he was upset he wasn't winning haha)

Then we made a trip over to Lancaster Saturday to hang out with family firends. They are moving to Hawaii tomorrow and will be stationed there for 4 years. So we got to spend time with the cute kids. Seriously adorable. Brian's hat was a hot commodity and we had fun with that. Kids love me and always think I am one of them. What can I say. As you can see they all wanted to sit with me on the couch. But I love hanging out with the kids and the baby...so adorable. Look at her smile! Wishing them luck on their adventure in Hawaii!

Welp. That was my weekend in a nutshell. Now off to spend my time with wedding things and organizing. See ya!

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