Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Loot!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ok, this week is filled with wedding fun. Basically because I feel like we are in crunch mode 8 months out. We definitely did procrastinate a bit. Oh well. Can't turn back time. Can only panic from here on out ;)

But what can make that all better? My Bride to Be VoxBox!!

What in the heck is that? Many of you might ask. Well, let me just start off by telling you where it's from. I joined the site Influenster a few months ago. It is a site that sends you free things to reviewand write about on their website. Basically, helping them promote products. And they are shipped in a certain group, called a VoxBox. It is catered to yourlifestyle and personality based on the surveys you fill out and what reviews you do. You can find out all the infomration on their new and improved website! Seriosuly, if you love social media, getting free stuff and reviewing products then you should join. Don't think about it, just join.

You can watch here and see all the great stuff I got for my first VoxBox!

this was my first video so I do apologize. also, how do you change the awful still frame?!

There you have it! I have started using the Shampoo, conditioner andrepair treatment and let me just tell you how amazing it smells. Everyday I just want to sit and smell my hair. And I do already see some change in my hair so it is helping the hot mess of hair I have.

That is the only one I have tried so far. Will try the eyelashes possibly this weekend and the Relax Gum will come in handy tomorrow I am sure. I have a hotel meeting for the wedding, dress shopping for myself, dress shopping for bridesmaids and maybe dealing with the maid of honorzilla ;) So I will be popping that gum in and putting it to the true test. Will let you know how it works!

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