Oh Sandy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As we are coming out of the devastation of hurricane Sandy, we are all looking around us as to the horribleness that mother nature can wreak on our lives.

The Jersey Shores is, as Governor Chris Christie put it, "No longer the jersey shore of our youths." People have lost homes and parts of their lives in a matter of 24 hours.

And as for how we fared?

Well, we are still without power. A fridge full of food is garbage. And our apartment is becoming a serious contender for an ice box. But guess what? My roof is still in tact, my family members and friends are all safe and I know that tomorrow I will still have a bed to sleep in. Unfortunately, many people can't say that.

So I will be very thankful for my week of no power. My food gone spoiled. Because my heart aches for everyone else that would love for just their power to be out. The ones that would love their roofs back. Or the life they knew before Sandy.

It is times like these that remind you just how blessed you are. And just how thankful you need to be everyday of everything in your life.

With that, I am not sure when the power will be back and this could just be a silly, jumbled post. But I am just so thankful.

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