Tuesday10: Pet Peeves

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I honestly think pet peeves are a great way to get to know a person. I mean you can tell their personality just by what irks them the most. And plus, we all have them. Tuesday10 is your pet peeves!

Here are mine:


someecards.com - Thanks to the teachers who instilled in me such a love of English that I'm perpetually mortified when reading the Internet.

come on people. you're means you are. your means it's yours. and on that note....

it's means it is and its means possessive like "its stomach."  that person owns it. please understand.  

and how about then and than. when you want to compare please use than and when you want a sequence of something please use then. Such as....we went to the game then the bar afterwards. 


someecards.com - I noticed you hate doing dishes. I hate doing dishes too...

I don't know if that's technically a pet peeve but I hate them. And I know hate is a strong word but since they are inanimate objects I can. I would do anything else than wash dishes. And my poor mother tried so hard to get me to like to wash dishes. But it just wasn't happening. Sorry I do not carry that housewife trait. 

 Kind of goes along with grammar. I have no time for people that do not know and understand common courtesies. Maybe it's my country roots or I don't know but if you don't have know it, I probably do not have time for you or care to be around you. Basic rules people. Don't be rude. 

Pity parties.
Ok, so everyone has their very own pity party once in awhile. It is natural and very necessary. I have them about once a month. But I have a serious pet peeve for people that have them everyday and post them all over Facebook. Guess what? We all work so we all probably have similar days. We all have bills so we all think it sucks when they come. Stop crying.

Crazy Sniffling.
This is the equivalent of running fingernails across the chalkboard for me. Something about it just makes me want to go ahh!

People who see the line of cars but cut the line at the very beginning.
These are the people that make me crazy on my ride to work in the morning or on my drive home. No, I will not let you over after I waited appropriately for 5 minutes and instead you are a douche.

Sorry if every answer above makes me sound like a crazy person. But I'm not sorry because those are me and I am ok with that :) And I am sure I will pick up a few wedding related ones in the next few months to actually make it to the 10!

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