The Thankful Project

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As it's November (or Movember) it is time for Thanksgiving. The month where we really reflect and give thanks for everything in our lifes.

I will go more into detail later on, but this month of thanks could not have come at a better time. Yup, I know it comes Novemeber every year. But this time, I am really drudging in my work and need to focus on the bigger picture at some points.

I am so thankful I found "The Thankful Project" from Kenzie at Chasing Happy.

As I am clearly behind a few days, I will catch you up....

Day 1: A Person

I think it goes without saying, this guy.  

My handsome husband.  He is my rock, my life and I do not know how I would have survived the past 5 years without him. And I know the next years of our lifetime together will be nothing more than thrilling. Always an adventure with us.

Day 2: A role you've played


I will always be thankful I got to play the role of daughter to my mom for the short years she was here with us. It was a role I always reveled in. I had the normal teenage moments and gave attitude. But I always gave my mom the best and treated her as my hero. I worked hard so she wouldn't have to. And that role is something I will always look back on with a smile. A role I hope to pass on to my own daughter(s) one day.

Day 3: A place.


 The place that made me who I am. The county girl who was always itching to do bigger things. But also allowed me to always appreciate the simpler things in life. Here is where I learned the value of family, technology was optional and comparisons didn't exist. Everyone lived their version of what country life and was content.

Day 4: An experience

 Traveling abroad with my friends. 

I was given the opportunity of my high school career to take a trip to Spain with some of my closest. It was a trip I always love to look back on and am glad I was able to experience. It gave me a taste of a culture outside of our own and also allowed me to be thankful for our culture here. And it was my first trip with friends that I was able to experience It was also the last time I traveled in a world before 9/11.

Day 5: Talent I have

I have the knack to be creative. And I think that is a talent of it's own. I love to craft and am always curious to see if I can tackle something I see in a store. It also allowed me to really make my wedding my own, because I was able to design our programs, menus and other small details.

A few of my creations.


  1. I made that invitation ornament too! Love it!

  2. This was for my best friend and I can't wait to make my own soon!


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