Superhero Obsession

Monday, November 18, 2013

Today I have a confession. I love superheroes. And I mean LOVE. Borderline obsession.

If iron man is on FX, I am watching it. And I always have the newest movie the day it releases. First step is admitting, right??

Iron Man is my favorite.

To pinpoint when my obsession started is quite hard. I had always loved Transformers from day 1. Then it kind of exploded from there. With the help of my husband , of course. He can rattle off about any superhero, his personal fave of Batman especially. (Don't even get me started on how much I heard about Ben Affleck as Batman)

I have been known to drag my best friends to see superhero movies with me. And being good friends pretended I wasn't crazy and they actually liked it. And imagine how crazy excited I was for Agents of Shield. I mean, it's genius. Tying in all the Marvel movies with the show and back to the movies. Whatttt?!

Moral of this story, this weekend we finally went to see Thor! I was clearly prepared. 

A red cup Starbucks in a t-shirt?! Never thought I'd see the day. 

I always root for the bad guys. Always wanting them to change good but I was disappointed yet again in Loki. But Kat was a pleasure yet again. She always know how to deliver the cracks. I mean, she has an intern when she is an intern. And there is an appearance by Captain America himself. Do not fret. I did not reveal any spoiler. 

And to sum up the rest of my weekend: work. The end. 


  1. I LOVE super hero movies too!! Me, my husband and the kids saw Thor last weekend and I think I might actually have been more excited than the kids! ha I am pumped for the next Captain America. I even watch the new show on ABC- Agents of Shield. I know they don't show any of the super heros but I still love it.

  2. Too cute! I always dread going to those movies for some reason but then end up really enjoying them!


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