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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Admittedly I am behind and skipped about a bunch of days but I figured I would jump back in today.

The biggest blessing in my life is this kitty. I know I joke and laugh about being a crazy cat lady but there's a reason. 

It was the end of November in 2009 when I was working a terrible part time job, still trying to find a full time job after I had graduated in May. I lived by myself, didn't really do much due to the limited funds I had coming in and was kind of down in the dumps. Then one night I got a call from my sister asking if I wanted a cat, deep down I was screaming, "yes!" But knew I couldn't afford the extra expenses or have the time for her. I was then gifted this blessing by my sister.

I am so glad I was wrong and decided to get her because even if I knew it or not, I needed her. She made me excited to come home, let me chat with her and cuddle with her. Made me feel less alone.

Does that make me crazy? No. Anyone with a pet knows that special place they hold and just exactly how it feels when they want to snuggle with you and no matter what happens, they love you.


  1. I hear ya. I can't imagine my life without my pups.

  2. Hawkeye is my blessing too, I could never be without her!

  3. So true! Pets are like family. My dog is my baby, no joke, so I know how you feel.

  4. When I went to a medium a few months back, she said we would have three girls. And we said "ok, well we already have one, our lily baby! " definitely our children

  5. She is so cute! I love all the Instagram pictures and videos, especially the one with her standing!

  6. They really are a part of the family, unconditional love!


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