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Friday, November 22, 2013

Expectations. They can be what someone else expects of you, what society expects of you or what you expect of yourself. Expectations are what drives us as a people and a society. The one expectation I am thankful for is having the expectation to be a MILF.

Now, you might laugh or think this won't be something serious. But hear me out.To me that acronym means so much more than a mom who is super hot and boys have fantasies about. To me, it is a symbol of a mom who is pretty darn awesome. And might look hot on occasion.

I see a milf as a supermom. A woman who wants to be the best version she can be for her family. I want that mom car that will make me look super cool when I take my kids to dance class, soccer and the many other activities they will participate in. And maybe blast my Carrie Underwood in.

I want to work hard so I have that pool to lay out by and watch my kids have friends over for pool parties and are able to create those memories. Friends were never in and out of my house growing up do to the distance it required for them to get there. SO if I am able to provide that spacious house and great backyard for my kids to enjoy with their friends, I think I do deserve a nice suntan once in awhile.

I want to keep myself in the best shape for my kids and husband and myself. looking good is also about being healthy. And I want to live a healthy lifestyle to be around for my grand kids and maybe even great grand kids. My mom is missing so many moments with her kids and won't even get to see her grandkids. Something that always hurts me and I know, God willing, I want to be here for all of this for my kids. I also want to pass that healthy lifestyle onto my kids. So if that keeps me looking great, well that's a bonus! And plus, I've heard when you dress nice, it keeps you feeling young. Win!

You can agree or disagree with me. As I am not a mom yet, I know that is a tough job. But I want to excel at it and I have given myself the expectation to hold up to give my kids the best mom they can have. The coolest mom they can have. The mom that they are proud of. And that's my version of what a milf really is.

And the expectations to be that is what drives me to work so hard now to be that in the future and give my kids that great future. And I am thankful that I may have this, albeit strange to some, expectation for myself. 


  1. This is so funny! And true!! I want to be a MILF too!

  2. Thanks! I just think too many people make it a negative thing when I think it's a great motivator. We can track our MILF progress ;)

  3. Let's get some Botox together ;) I work hard so I can be one!

  4. Haha I don't yet... I figure I'm going to get bigger while I have kids so why not wait til after that's out of the way to start working out hard. :)


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