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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I actually had another post in mind for this but am currently experiencing a life without electric. Currently, there is no electricity in my apartment. I am not sure why but that is neither here nor there. In just this one hour I have realized this is truly something we all take for granted.

Without electricity, the temperature in my apartment has started to dip to a cool 62. Those that know me, know that is borderline freezing. I am bundled up to keep in the warmth. Many people in other worlds live like this day after day. And there are many homeless people that fight the freezing temperatures every night. I take the fact that I get to have constant heat and be warm for granted.

Without electricity, my super fancy iPhone is going to lose charge quickly and I will not be able to charge it. Electricity provides us with the convenience to carry our cell phones with us day after day and have the world at our finger tips. Or any smart phone or cell phone you have in your possession. I take that I have the privilege and means necessary to have an iPhone for granted.

Without electricity, the food choices for my lunch are limited to bread and some sort of lunch meat. I am used to hot lunches of soup and small Smart Ones meals. Again, many people in other worlds would love to have my bread and meat. And a hot meal to them is even more than what Christmas means to us. They do not have refrigerators or microwaves. They rely on whatever they can find for the day or cook over a fire. I take for granted that I can have hot meals in minutes and multiple times a day if I wanted.

Without electricity, I can not write this blog post on a computer. The nice Mac I have sitting on the desk is fueled by said electric. If you remember I whined and had a complaining post about my dear laptop biting the dust. When in reality, I still had this beauty in front of me that my husband so graciously allows me to use. I take for granted being able to turn on a computer to write out my thoughts, connect and share with so many people.

Without electricity, there are no lights in the bathroom. I will shower and use the bathroom with a small flashlight to get ready for work. I have complained about the vent noise that goes along with out bathroom light. Many people use a bathroom in the woods or an outhouse or in less than sanitary conditions. I take for granted that my bathroom is a working bathroom, proper shower and toilet and allows me the light day after day.

And in lieu of my post earlier in the week, without electricity I would never know what a superhero was. I wouldn't have a TV to watch or movies to play. I wouldn't be able to research them online and obsess. I wouldn't have cable that lets me watch Agents of Shield every Tuesday. I take for granted my use of television and the ability to enjoy the entertainment offered by them.

We are all given this gift of electricity and we all take it for granted some days. Just remember to be thankful next week when we all sit down with our families to a hot meal, cooked in the oven and are watching Thanksgiving parades and football games in the warmth of our homes.


  1. I love everything about this post!! I have a tendency to get whiny about all sorts of things...until I realize how much I take for granted. Thanks for the reminder today :)

  2. Amen. Haha. I am such a baby when I'm cold--I'm all about the heat!


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