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Monday, November 25, 2013

I am thankful that I know after suffering a great loss, grieving someone helps you remember and heal. Remembering someone so close to your heart is something to embrace and enjoy even if it is in the craziest ways.

I am glad I can share my story with other people that might share the same grief or might be experiencing the same pain. Because I know. I've been there. My heart was broken and some days, the cracks of pain come back.

I know that people grieve in their own way and it does not make you weak or make something wrong with you. It makes you the strongest person to be able to cry and miss that person because you loved them so much. And I know, not everyone understands and not everyone ever will. But I know, I am not weak, I am strong.I miss my mom everyday. I know grief never ends but you will heal.


  1. I lost my Mom 4 years ago to cancer. I cared for her at home while she died. She was my best friend and we did everything together. We saw each other or talked every day and I happily spent most of my time with my Mom. Although she was 84 she looked 50 and had such a big loving heart that her beauty inside shined through in a very young spirit full of fun.. I miss her vibrant spirit, her laugh and most of all her love surrounding me every day of my life. What you write so well is absolutely true. Grief is an expression of love and I will always grieve my Mom. I am sorry for your own loss and send you healing thoughts and prayers.
    We never stop grieving the loss of our Mother's in our lives. Do not let anybody tell you how to grieve. The holidays are horrible now yes, but w have our beautiful memories of our Moms to keep us warm

  2. Thank you Miranda for these kind words. We are both maneuvering our way through grief. But as we always know, our mom's memories will comfort us. Happy holidays!


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