Seriously Thankful.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Throughout this month, I have participated in the Thankful Project. I have had the opportunity to share many stories and truly be thankful for the most special things that are in my life.

Well, just to get back on track of not always being *so serious* about things. Today, I want to dwell on the completely wonderful and sometimes materialistic things that I absolutely love and adore.

This guy. My husband. As we are coming up on our first holiday season as Mr. and Mrs., I know I am so lucky to have this man as my husband. I mean, he cleans the kitchen and takes out the trash. What more could I ask for?
Handsome devils.

And if you all already didn't know, this kitty has out heart. She will always be our first "baby" no matter how many come after her. She drives us crazy on a daily basis but also makes us love her no matter what.

Lily also loves the iPhone. Her fish live there.

My iPhone. It entered my life just a short 3 months ago but I can not tell you how much I am so glad I have it. It makes life easier with shopping, emails and blog things. And don't forget all the cool pics I can post on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, I am thankful for social media, this blog included. It has really given me a community of people I could never imagine and allowed me an outlet to share some of the best days and some of the not better days. My writing reaches people and I am so thankful for that. Plus, I can be a crazy cat lady and am not judged. Well, ok maybe just a little.

NSync Christmas Album. More specifically this song.

My wedding pictures. I have probably looked at them everyday since we got them back. No, I am not exaggerating.I just look so perrrrttyyyy.

My family and friends near and far. If your family and friends are far this holiday season, we just have to remember how lucky we are to have people so special we just miss them so much.

And to top this thankful post off. Christmas.

Enjoy your turkey everyone! Gobble, gobble!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I look at my wedding pictures all the time too! :) I was just watching the video of our first dance this afternoon... *swoon*

  2. I'm with ya on almost every one of those! Especially the *N'SYNC... Let's be honest.

  3. Beautiful post! Happy Thanksgiving! Love love love reading your blog!


  4. Can't wait to have our video back and I'm sure I will watch that at least twice a day!

  5. I'm pretty sure nsync defines the holidays with just that one song.

  6. Happy thanksgiving to you! So glad you love reading my blog :)


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