What My Loved One Says About Me

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last week, I saw Becky announced a great link-up. A chance for our loved one to write a little bit about you. Really get to know you from their perspective.

If you would like to link-up, all you have to do is have your loved one {spouse, sibling, parent, best friend, etc} write a little 10-20 post of "facts about you." Grab a button, and then link up and hop around to meet other ladies joining in. 

Challenge accepted. Well, for me.

It took a little coaxing for the fiance to finally agree about an hour ago. So off he went with his task and this my friends, is what my fiance has to say about me.

This guy.

-Krista will always be a country girl at heart.

-She has a lesbian crush on Carrie Underwood. I’m ok with that. Very True.

-9 out of 10, “Transformers” is in her DVD player. 

-Krista watches “Friends” every night like it’s 1999. Ross and Rachel forever.

-Surprisingly, she likes more sports than me (football, baseball and hockey).

-She loves super hero movies, but not Batman. The Joker scares her. What is with that smile?

-Krista has a HUGE heart.

-She has 100 photos on her cell phone, 1 of me and 99 of her cat, Lily.

-Wine is her kryptonite. Give her a glass of wine and she’s the happiest girl in the
world. Wino.

-Krista refers herself as a “MILF in training”. Waiting on my new boobs.

-She can rap Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”.

-Krista has some sweet dance moves…especially after a couple drinks.

-A juicy steak is her favorite food.

-Most of the time she is a very safe driver, but sometimes I think she’s one of the
characters from “Fast and the Furious”.

-She cherishes her friends and family more than anything in the world. 

-Krista is a crazy cat lady and proud of it. Love me some Lily.

-I don’t think she can live a day without Diet Coke.

-She has a lot of hobbies: blogging, reading, decorating, photography, arts and crafts.

-Krista watches Christmas movies during the summer time. Nothing like a little Christmas Cheer

-She wears crocs. Ugh. Ok, the fashionable ones.

-Krista is beautiful inside and outside.



  1. this is such a fantastic link up and post! I love getting to know you through your fiance...suchj a unique way of getting personal facts!

  2. What a great idea for a link up. And your fiance said some sweet and fun things about you :)

  3. What a great post! It is always great to hear the amazing things about yourself! :) Very sweet!

  4. I loved this post. Wish my husband would participate...!

    I watch FRIENDS every night as well on TV despite the fact that I own all 10 seasons!!! And i love the MILF in training reference. I think that's me too! Except I say "ichange" as in the name of my personal blog. Loved this list. He's a very sweet man.


  5. AWWWW, the last one is the BEST ever! Mad Diet Coke lovers here, too! Great post and great post idea! :) Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest on Twitter.-The Dose Girls

  6. I WATCH FRIENDS EVERY NIGHT LIKE IT'S 1999, TOO. I'm with you, sister. ;)


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