Wedding Wednesday: My Bridal Shower!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Best friends have a love for Etsy <3  You can find it here 

This past weekend I was "showered" with lots of love and gifts at a lovely shower thrown by my wonderful bridesmaids. They are seriously the best and I had an amazing shower. The theme was "Tea." I love me some tea!

Get ready for a fabulous picture overload!

True love.

My bridesmaid (Big) made these adorable cupcakes. Also, notice Mrs. Potts!

She needs a bakery now.

Date night ideas for when we are out of ideas

I have very talented bridesmaids <3 Carnations were my mom's favorite.


Adorable prizes for tea themed.

My soon to be hubby showed up with a dozen roses!

Maid of honor and sister who planned the shower!

Brian's family at my shower

The BEST Bridal Party (Missing a super special one in California)

Us with my my mother in law

My high school gals

Time for the tradition of the bow hat!

My college gals

My AXiD Sisters

And now for a little wishing well mishap

And I truly think present opening makes for the BEST pictures...and by best, I mean funniest. Enjoy!

"Heck yes, I got a salad set!"

"It's  keuriggg"

"Whoa nelly. My dress!"

"Can't wait to be married and Instagram these."

"Wait, let me catch that paper."

"Cheese for my bff in Cali!"

"Sitting on my nightstand when I go home."

"Chaaa Yahhhh"

"Just saying cheese to make this a little less mundane." 
"These Martha Stewart knives are hilarious!"

"Well, pshhh. My toasting flutes."

Cutie mother in law.
"I love my man bag"

"Laugh now. You'll hear about it later."

"This thing is going to kill us!"

"Omgosh a griddle that I wanted. Gross."

"Utensils for everyone!"
"Son of a gun. There goes my $30 manicure."

And a few outakes after we got back.


And I am linking up with Bourbon and Glitter for The Part Don't Start Till' I Walk In. Um, basically my life is a fun party. 


  1. This is SO sweet! What a beautiful event!! :)

    You should head over to Bourbon and Glitter's "party don't stop" linkup and add this post to the list!

  2. I love this! (I'm glad Kate sent you over!) That trash can with the lawn care stuff is an epic gift, it's really kind of genius. Your friends cupcakes are SO pretty, her frosting is perfect.
    And I love the dress you wore!

    (Go here: and select either Large or Medium ad space and enter the promo code PARTY for your free ad spot! Thanks for linking up!)

  3. I love all of these pics! Thanks for linking up with Stephan and I :) I hope to see you next week during our linkup! BTW those Cupcakes are adorable!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Your shower was beautiful -- what great friends and family you have! I hosted my best friend's bridal shower on St. Patrick's Day, so naturally, we used that as our theme. I think she and my sister are planning mine for around Mardi Gras of next year -- easy to find decorations. :)

  5. This was such a fun shower! I am sooo glad you had fun!


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