Blogger Blues

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First off, Happy Baseball!!

I've got it y'all. Yes, I wish I was in the south. So what?

I am a rock star, I got my rock moves...

Moving along...

I feel like I have the Blogger Blues. I am not sure what they are but I'm pretty sure I have them. 

Something just hasn't been clicking with me as I write my posts. There's no oomph, no oh yea I love it!

Except for my Pinterest posts. Because who doesn't love a good craft project?

But how can I expect y'all to love my blog if I don't?

The age old question.

I like my blog. I like that I can write. I like that I have met blogger friends. 

And as I sat and thought about why...I got it. It's all my own fault obviously. This little blog takes time.

It takes tender, loving, care.

Have I been giving it that? For the most part, no. I write a link up or two. A funny post. A craft post. But am I really loving all the parts that makes this blog, my piece of work. 

Case in point: my About Me page. Talk about a yuck fest. It needs some serious updating. I know it. I have known it for a few months. But have I taken the time to work on fancy new one? Nope.

I have grand ideas though. They all involve a little bit of work with Photoshop.

I keep saying I need to schedule posts and write ahead of time. But I don't.

Truth: most of my posts might start with a glass of wine. 

In all of this blabbering and thought process, I have realized why there is no time left for this blog. And I have decided to tell myself it's ok. And I won't feel bad about it 

Take one guess where the time I so desperately need for this blog goes? Does June 7th ring a bell??

There is a big shindig goin on that day . some might call it a wedding, that needs my immediate attention most nights. Most nights when I know I could write a good post of my thoughts, there is a wedding task to be crossed off. Or it is a night where I so desperately need to spend it with my fiance watching movies and not doing anything. 

So as I try to plan a wedding (2 months peeps!) take some time for my future hubby, and organize my life I am putting the rest into this blog. And maybe it just isn't enough right now to take me where I love. And maybe it will come in time. And I think I am ok with that. I know how much time I will have after June 7. Frankly, I can't wait for a breather!

I also know I will have some kickass wedding pictures to post up on here, make a new design and maybe even a new name!! And I know I can make this little blog of mine a big deal. I know I can give it the work it truly needs. ( And maybe join the cool kids?)

But for right now, all this hard work needs to be done because June 7th will be the absolute best day of my life. And I can't wait!

**This post may or may not have been under the influence of wine.


  1. Every blogger goes through this stage. Take the time you need to manage life. The blog posts should always naturally come... and when that happens, that's how you know you are back. :)

    Hope you can make the May 4th NJ Bloggy meet-up too!

  2. Wedding planning is a lot of work! I'm sure that all your readers understand. :)


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