Want to Make Money While Spending Money?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I think the answer would be somewhere along the lines of ,"Yes, of course."

Which is why I want to tell you all about Ebates. I am seriously obsessed. And it comes in quite handy when you are ordering things as the MOH, bridesmaid, bride or as wedding season is coming up...a wedding guest. Just sayin' 

Ebates is an online site that gives you cash back when you purchase from (certain) stores online. They have over a 100 stores and all major stores so the question is, why wouldn't you do this? (Hint, Hint: Bed, Bath & Beyond IS included)

Here's how easy it really is.

Joining Ebates is always free - you'll never pay us anything. And four times a year or more, we'll mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you'd prefer. We can even send the money to your favorite charity. All 100% free.

And if it seems too good to be true, it isn't. Here's the living proof.

Dolla, Dolla Dills Y'All!

Check out the amount I have received so far. Ok, not all that large of an amount but I can use it for my weekly Panera trips. Fabulous. And as I spend more, I earn more. And no, I am not doing any spending I wouldn't normally do. So basically made that extra money for something I do on the norm. How easy. 

If anything, please check out the easiest way to earn a little extra spending money. We all shop online (yes, a little too much for me...) and just by doing something we always do, we can earn money.

Just trying to help with all of us gals chopping addictions.

Definitely click here. Sign up. Easiest thing you will do today. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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