The Truth About my Blogging

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Since I have some new faces around here and there has been an absence of posts from me... I decided a truthful blog post is a go. The Truth about this here blog and my blogging.

The truth is:

I started blogging back in 2010 on a site called Webs.

I only blogged for myself, for me to write. It took months before I let anyone read what I had to say. It was my coping mechanism. My journal. 

As I became more and more interested in blogging and saw it's potential
(thanks Molly!)
Stilettos & Diapers
Yes, the first blog I loved. Goes in line with my MILF aspirations. Cuz she definitely is one!

I made the move to Blogger in 2012. I 'made' my own design and was off running. Actually, more of a slight walk.

Since then, I have tried to grow my blog. I finally had the extra cash flow to try out a new design(Many thanks to Shannon!)

I have also started to meet some of the greatest blog friends whether through link ups or the Cara Box.
And some of the best blogs I love and get excited when they notice ;)

Kate @ Classy Living
Fun Fact: We live like an hour apart and have yet to meet!
Mallory @ From California to Kansas

Always has the best response for my tweets and crazy blogger questions

Emily @ Newlywed Moments

Absolute sweetest!

Katie @ Katie Did What
Love how happy and positive Katie always is!
Stephanie @ Beautiful Mess
Stephanie has the greatest crafts and lives in Texas. Enough said.

Kenya @ Life with Giggle
Life with Giggles
Fellow Jersey girl who always  reads my crazy posts
and leaves the sweetest comments!

Raven @Don't Quote the Raven
Don't Quote the Raven
And she just cracks me up on a daily basis!

Now a little truth about my posts..

I write my posts on the fly, I do no schedule posts. Though maybe I should with life getting so crazy lately. So my posts can range anywhere from an early morning post to an extremely late night post. There have been both. 

Blogging is not my day job {yet}. I work 40 hours a week and do blogging as my hobby. I also do not have access to a computer until after 4 because of said job and my phone (be it a smart one or not) only about an hour each day. Yes, might be unfathomable but it's the reality.

Hence the constant struggle with posts lately. I am making time for wedding planning and I need to make time for my fiance. And let's also say I need to make time to do the everyday boring chores. And I am supposed to fit all of this in the 5 hours I have after work. That leaves little to no time to sit down and figure out the posts for the day. (Which is why I constantly stalk this gal...she does it all and I just am trying to keep  up and figure out how!)

And the whole marketing my blog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Forget it. I see posts 3 hours after they happen and who wants a reply then? Not to mention I have 8 hours of tweets to read and therefore, never get through them the proper way. Yes, I made lists but it doesn't seem any less overwhelming.

I also might have no clue what I am doing. Yes, let's go with that. I write to write and hope somebody reads it and says, "Yes, ok. I get it." Am I still stumbling around this big blog land? You bet ya!

Almost like back in high school, trying to fit in with the cool kids. Will they comment on my blog? Will they respond to my tweet? Omgosh she's following me on Twitter!!

So basically, in a random, crazy filled nutshell....The blogging spark has dimmed for me a little bit. Has it gone completely out? Definitely not! I have big plans for this space of mine after I become a MRS...
57 days people!!

I just think right now I am in more of a coast mode. I will write when I want to write and it won't be often. And I guarantee it will more than likely be wedding related leading up to the nuptials.

But I know I will come back and the blogging light will be shining bright. And I will be a cool kid. The end. 

Oh and speaking of Mallory...she is hosting the cutest link-up there ever could be! (See why she's one of the cool kids? She has cool ideas.)

It's a day for all us fur baby mamas to show off our sweet little(or big) things. And do all the bragging we want. And did I mention you might be able to win some cool pet swag in the process? Because you can.

Paws To Claws From California To Kansas

So get ready! I will be having more of an overload of pictures of Ms. Lily. And if you're a fur baby mama like myself, Mallory and plenty should link up! Because I know I'll be hopping around to check out all their adorable faces.


  1. I love this!

    You are so sweet :) I am super grateful that we got to get to know each other though Cara Box. We must plan a blate (with Alissa too!). The question is, though, before our weddings or after? :)

  2. Let me just tell you, after you get you married, you are going to have LOADS of blog inspiration! Trust me! HAHAHAH.... I also don't schedule posts either. I like to write when inspiration hits me. Can't believe wedding day is almost here for you too?!?!?! Super excited for you. :)

    And we all need to meet-up!!!


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