Weekend Shenanigans

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yes, it's Tuesday.

Yes, I am just updating my weekend of fun.

Usually when I work weekends I tend to have a less eventful weekend but this weekend was a little exception.

Friday night we met up for a very extended happy hour with friends. Had a few vodka tonics (for wedding diet) and chatted it up with the bff.

Saturday I roused myself for work and the craziness that went along with it. But when I came home Saturday, sister made her way over to see us for Easter.

Lily enjoying some Iron Man

Went for a special treat on Saturday night... went to see G.I. Joe.

Well, let me tell you about this movie.

**If you are at all interested in seeing this movie I would stop reading because I am about to enter a rant and spoil some parts of the movie

I have been excited to see this movie for about months. Yes, I enjoy superhero, action movies. It is what it is.

Anyways, I was looking forward to the next chapter of this movie especially with the addition of The Rock. But I was VERY disappointed. First off, Channing Tatum dies within the first 20 minutes. Seriously?!

He was the main character in the first one and this movie even opens up explaining that he is now in charge of the Joes. And we are also given no explanation where the rest of the Joe's went. And then poof! he's gone.

On top of that, it was just a terrible sequel because it had 2 characters left from the first one, one of which wears a full black suit, mask and doesn't even talk. SO not much there. And how can you have retaliation if the people involved with the first movie aren't even there? Obviously, not impressed. But I was impressed with this!!

Did I mention I love Iron Man?!

Moving on....to Easter. Had a very low key Easter. Put together tiny baskets for sister, Brian and Lily. I have lost my Easter decorations in between storage or the in laws house. So I picked these up from the dollar section at Target.

Ended the weekend working on wedding invitations so they are just about ready to mailed! And of course watched a little Client List
MILF Research

And that my friends was my weekend!


  1. Love the bunny baskets, too cute. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  2. What exactly are those "Whisker Lickin's" ??? Haha they sound interesting.


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