Weekend Recap!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Having a weekend off is so wonderful. Especially when you get very few you learn to appreciate the ones you have and this past weekend was such a relaxing, nice weekend. Here's my weekend in pictures!

This was my Saturday. Uncle gave my car some much need TLC. Some brakes and an oil change later and my little, big car is good to go. Sure looks good for 90k miles. She ages well. Got to visit the old house as we desperately try to sell it. Met some nice wildlife in the back yard. Kinda miss those cute babies. Bears, not so much. I may or may not have made a bed on the driveway to have a quick nap. It was glorious. Oh and something big happened Saturday...I'm talking huuuuuuggggeeee. Might have to update you later in the week ;)

Sunday went a little like this...

Spent mommy's day with my little munchkin child. My fur baby. Also, spent it with booted sister. Check it out in the background of the pic. It's really fashionable. Gave her a little dye job and Miss Lily felt like she needed to wear the cape and sit on the special chair. I then enjoyed the end of the day enjoying some wine on my patio. Such a beautiful sky, couldn't not take a picture of it. And of course Lily wanted to join me for some wine.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and Mother's Day!

PS. How're my collage skills?? Amateur :) But thanks pixlr!

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