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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyone's heard it. How gosh darn expensive weddings are. Something around $27,000 average for weddings in the United States. Yup, the amount for a down payment on house is used for one day. But let's face it, it's worth it right?!

I mean I am not there yet but I can imagine it will all be worth it. But I am hoping to come in well under that average for my own wedding. Trying to figure out ways to cut costs as much as possible. Hence a lot of DIYing and comparing costs on DIY and regular. Because sometimes DIY can actually be more expensive than going the easy way. So just watch out.

This is my plan of attack:

I have researched what % is expected to spend on each item. It helps break it down a lot easier than what I would assume would cost.

We then had to decide what were our non-negotiable items...the things we didn't want to skimp on and would mean the most. For me, it's our pictures. I'm a picture gal (everyone that is around me knows this) and I can even be a bit crazy about it. This is something I don't want to skimp on because I want the best pictures! Fiance decided DJ too because we both love to have a good time and get our groove on. We also want our guests to have an amazing time and the music is what makes or breaks the atmosphere sometimes.

I then finagled it around to put more money into our top areas and see what we had left in other areas. This way I know that the other areas I can try to DIY or find the best deals. Bottom line: Make sure you identify what is most important to you so you can allocate a larger percentage to that and get what you truly want!

It also helps that our venue includes cake, place cards and the centerpieces. Allowed us to input some of that budget into our important components! 

The things I have decided to at least try to DIY..

  • Save the Dates
  •  invitations
  •  Thank yous 
  • Favors
  • Programs
  • Menu Cards
  • Guest baskets
  • whatever else pops into my head

There you have it folks. How we have tackled budget.


  1. At my internship we did a wedding that was $40K+! That is just craaaazy! There are lots of fun DIYs for weddings on Pinterest :)

  2. You know I love my pinterest!thanks for commenting :)


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