Oh, it's raining alright.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let me just tell you about my time from this past weekend until today. Let's just say it was a little bit crazy and a lot out there. 
Saturday I lost part of an eyebrow. That's right. I am now the owner of a quarter of an eyebrow thanks to a wonderful wax job. And from what I hear, eyebrows don't grow back that easily. Just wonderful. 
So I now have to part my bangs on a different side and it just feels so wrong. And not in a good way wrong. Not right at all.
But Saturday night I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people celebrating the senior. My greek family and sisters. Spent some time in a coat closet, talked wedding and life and had an all around great time. Almost made me forget I lost an eyebrow.

Sunday was a wedding day. Mine or whoevers. It's whatever ;) Felt very constructive and had a nice little afternoon treat. What's that saying? Hair of the dog that bit you? Aka. I'm old and might have been nursing a hangover. 

Monday was well a Monday. Crazy, sleepy, out of the norm. Had a serious panic moment. The one that kind of makes you evaluate where you are in life and why. (Without going into so much detail)
Well, some wine cured that right up. Cue door bell ringing. Friendly neighbor introducing himself at 8 o'clock at night. No, No. He was here to tell me there was water coming out of my garage. Score. He then proceeded to tell me how it just happened to his water heater a few months ago and now they keep everything in plastic bins (That explains all the time they spend in their garage..)
It does turn out to be my water heater. I hear a distinct hissing noise that must mean a leak for sure. After using all 5 of my leg muscles, I am able to pry the nailed door off the water heater . 
Side note: Who nails a door to a water heater?
Welp. A leak. Course of action, call the landlord. How nice I can do that. Have a problem? No worries, just call someone else.  Hopefully today someone can help me fix this mess. 

And here is all I can think, tomorrow is a new day. Not only that, a new month. And not only that, Carrie Underwood's new album!! So that must mean it will be a good month, right? Gosh, I hope so.

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