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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye May! It's been real. But it is now time to bid you a do and enter the month of June...which will become a very much favorite, fantastic, awesome, crazy month!! yes, that sounds crazy. Yes, I might explain. But maybe some other time ;)

On to May's farewll.

On the blog front, May was the first full month of blogging here on Blogger! Actually engaging in the blog world and having people comment and look at my things. Hence why I decided to look back and see what exactly everyone likes to read. What topics intrigue you. ("Stop saying the word's seriously annoying."  Name this movie!!!!)

And going back to topic...

All time favorite for the month? This baby..Our engagement story over on the Disney Inspiration Blog! Thanks for loving our story almost as much as we do :)

Second most popular was wedding related too...hmm a trend. Just thinking pink is all with my wedding colors. Seriously can't wait to utilize my colors in all aspects of the wedding. Loved this combo for awhile.

And rounding out the top 3 posts of May...drum roll most recent Friday's letters!

I love doing these Friday's letters and talking to people or things about the week. Thanking them, bitching about them(it) or just being able to ramble off little things about your week. And this one was my favorite because I was able to share about Stephanie Decker and what an inspiration she is. Watching that on Ellen seriously made my week. And you can't not watch it and tear up. I dare you.

So there you have it.My top 3 posts from May. So you like my Friday's letters and wedding posts. Good to know :)

Ps. But seriously. Can you name the movie?!

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