Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Via my travels, I stumbled across this 2 Day Cleanse from The Look Better Naked Diet. 
 It goes a little something like this. 

Light shake:
   • Blend 1 cup skim (or soy, almond, rice, or hemp) milk
   • 1 cup berries
   • 1 tsp peanut butter (or flaxseed oil)
   • 1 cup of ice until frothy
Bonus: Add a dash of cocoa powder!   

   • 1 cup sliced cucumbers
   • 1 cup green tea
Bonus: Add a little vinegar and fresh dill to your 
cucumbers, or make a cucumber salad by slicing a 
couple of unpeeled cucumbers into rounds, dousing 
them with flavored vinegar (fig is great, if you can find 
it), and letting them marinate for an hour. Drain off the 
vinegar and keep them in the fridge.
Bonus: Drink your green tea straight up andhot—or 
brew a whole pot, toss in some fresh mint leaves or 
slices of peeled fresh ginger, and let steep for a few 
hours. Store in the fridge and pour it over ice when 
you’re thirsty.

   • Steamed or raw greens (romaine, spinach, mesclun 
      mix, bok choy, arugula, watercress, frisee, endive, etc.)
   • 4 oz lean protein (white meat chicken, firm tofu, lean 
      beef, fish)
   • 2 tsp oil (olive, sunflower, walnut)
Bonus: Mix-and-match your greens! You can get a lot of 
no-cal flavor simply by adding arugula or watercress, both 
of which have a peppery kick. Or you can toss a handful of 
fresh basil, cilantro, or flat-leaf parsley in with salad greens 
for an extra jolt of flavor.

   • 10 asparagus spears, blanched
   • 1 cup green tea
Bonus: Dip the asparagus into nonfat yogurt swirled 
with Dijon mustard to taste.

   • Steamed or raw greens
   • 4 oz lean protein
   • 2 tsp oil
Bonus: Be creative with your 2 teaspoons of oil, at both 
lunch and dinner. Whisk it with a teaspoon of vinegar 
and some herbs for vinaigrette; use it to sauté bite-size 
pieces of white-meat chicken, lean beef, tofu, or fish; or 
mix it with a flavor-booster spice mix to rub on chicken, 
beef, or fish before broiling or grilling.

Now I have been trying to get back into my eating healthy and fitness routine so I figured this would be a great way to kick it off. I wouldn't be doing anything crazy like just drinking smoothies all day or not having any solid food. Just eating every couple of hours and healthy stuff.

Well. I started today and sitting here all I can think about is a nice cold Diet Coke and chocolate chip cookies. That's right, I started a detox on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Who does that?! Especially when there's a box ready to be made in my cabinet. 

I am also pretty hungry but chugging water to distract myself from my grumbling tummy so that can be seen as a plus I guess. I also discovered I hate asparagus, even with non fat yogurt. I barely got through 4 spears. No way I was making it to 10 without losing the snack I desperately needed. 

So folks. That's how it's going. Trying to rid myself of toxins and get in shape. Are we all crazy?

Stay tuned to see if I make through day two...

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