30 Before 30 Update

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's here. I have hit 29. My last year in my twenties. way back when I made a 30 before 30 list. When I was young at 25. I kept up with it for a little bit but haven't given it much thought in the past few years. It's about time to see what quarter life Krista wanted to do before 30.

Taken directly from the 30 Before 30 page....

Since I only have 4 Years to go(ugh, now 1!!), I figured this would be something fun to do. So here we go!
Anything in italics is in progress..
And bold is COMPLETED.

     Try skiing
   Go camping
 Run a marathon <--- What was I thinking?!
   Buy a house<-----Here's Hoping this the year!!
   Have more of a savings account aka. past the 3 digit mark for at least a month
  Find a job I love doing
 Go snorkeling
   Host a themed dinner party
   Develop some sort of green thumb <---sorry Mom...probably never
   Pay off 3 of my student loans..1 paid off! Almost at 2...
 Take a girls trip
  Buy a new car
 Take pole dancing classes
Visit Niagara Falls
  Las Vegas!
 Take a road trip
  Start a family
Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it

As you ca see, I have done my fair share since 4 years, but the list could have gone a little better. But thanks to leap year I at least have an extra day of the year to get on the last few. Vegas for New Year's Eve?!


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