Let's Shoot Guns, Paint Pottery & Drink Champagne

Monday, August 24, 2015

That, is my weekend in a nutshell. One of my best friends is getting hitched in just 5 short weeks so it was only proper we sent off her single years with the proper bachelorette party.

It started off with spending some time shooting some guns. Clay shooting to be precise. I was scared from the second I signed the waiver saying I could cause bodily harm if I didn't do it right. Luckily, we had a pretty comedic instructor who treated me like the little girl I was being the whole time.

Do you want to shoot another round? No, thank you.

Ok...They (the clays) are coming now...Because he knew I was hesitant to even say "pull" to have them released

Oh, I didn't show you how to load the gun? Yea, I see what you're doing there. I get it. I wouldn't teach me until the last station either.

It was so much fun though and I finally caught on at the very last station. Shot two in a row! I am officially going to look for a local place for us to go in the future. I am sure I could almost be considered a pro by now. I mean, I hit 4 targets.

Next stop, pottery painting! We got to choose a piece to compliment Shell's house.

Me and the girls went in on a group of margarita glasses. Mine wasn't a masterpiece but not too shabby either. I am curious to see what that will look like post glaze...

Naturally, we followed all of this with a penis straws, sangria, pizza and a night out. It was the perfect night to send her off! My headache the next day proved that much.

Next stop, wedding day!!

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