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Saturday, August 29, 2015

I like to pop in and out of here from time to time so I figured now would be a great time to fully update on the minute details of what's been going on in my life.

// Summer Fun

While this summer has been a bit busy and adjusting finances a bit, I have managed to have just a bit of fun in there. We are living up our weekends. I am taking days off to enjoy friends being in town and that I do not get to see as often. 

Lee Brice Concert
//Yeast Free
Living this life right now. An overgrowth of yeast has caused quite the problems in this household and it needs to be brought under control. But it is not easy. Somehow it has made my 50s housewife come out though. I made dinner from scratch and while that was coming made homemade cinnamon rolls. Who am I?! I am quickly realizing how different it is doing this with my husband instead of just me because guys eat A LOT. So it's making even more quantities from scratch and not just grilled chicken and hummus. 

// Pain and no gain
That's how I feel about my fitness routine. My old lady parts are creaking. Specifically, my shoulder, knee and foot. And after working out all this time, making time for fitness, I still cringe seeing pictures of myself. I do not like at all. It makes it hard to keep the motivation to keep at it. I had joined a 21 Day Fix group but you post one thing and there are so many couches private messaging you offering their $150 package for their help. Was just a bit annoying. 

// Rockbox

Officially obsessed with this little box that comes to me every month. It's kind of like the old school Netflix where you used to get DVDs delivered and you hung on to them and sent them back whenever. Same thing as this but for jewelry! I get a personal "stylist" who chooses my pieces that I get to keep as long as I want. My first box was a success and I love the idea of wearing it until I'm all like eh about it then getting a whole new set. 

Wanderlust + Co Ring

Kendra Scott Earrings
Visit Rocksbox and sign up with the code kristabff73 to get your first month FREE!!

//Survived on only one income
I didn't mention this much on here, but my husband was unemployed for a few months due to his job sight closing. He was lucky enough to find a job so quickly and that is much better than his previous job. In the end, it all worked out. But I wouldn't say it was an easy process.

Well everybody. That's what's happening with my life. What's something going on your life you want to share?

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