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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pretty much every day I look at Facebook and shake my head at something or roll my eyes and consider deleting it all together.There are so many things I scroll through as think about how they are not meant for this particular social channel.

I know where multiple pictures should be shared and how. I know where something so mundane should be placed and I know where those paragraph longs rants should go. I mean, I just had one a few weeks ago, in the appropriate social channel.I get that most people do not understand Instagram or Twitter but for those of us that do, Facebook can be a real buzz kill.

On Facebook:I ate a peanut butter chocolate chip bagel today it was great-NO

But put that on Twitter...

Me: OMGosh. That sounds amazing!! #drooling

On Facebook:Sharing one recipe on your page-NO
Then another-NO

But do that on Pinterest...

Me:That looks delicious, PIN. A million calories, totally worth it, PIN.

On Facebook:Look at this amazing place I am at and taking a picture with her...a minute later...Now look at this other person I added standing next to me. -NO

But do that on Instagram...

Me:Eh, still no. Stick with the one, maybe two, people. Unless, it's babies. Babies can keep going and going with those chubby cheeks and putting objects in cabinets. Consider a nice collage instead.


On Facebook:I am having a really bad day today. Got up late for work, spilled my coffee all over me and then lost my keys. Some days are just harder than others and I wish I could just have a good day today.-NO

But put that on a blog post...

Me:Girl, I hear you! It has been a rough week and when you feel like it's all pouring, it can get overwhelming. Keep your head up!

Anyone else feel this way about Facebook?

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