A Wine Filled Weekend

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Now that it's Tuesday, I think I have finally recovered my wine filled weekend. And when I say wine filled, I mean it. Along with every bad food you could possibly imagine.

this past Saturday we went to our local winery, Laurita Winery. I say our because you might remember we enjoyed ourselves from here on our anniversary. This weekend it was for the ever popular, Summer Food trucks. And it's just as wonderful as it sounds. Not only is it a winery filled with some delicious Sangria, there were about 25 food trucks on hand that had quite the variety of food. It included cheesecake on a stick, empanadas, chicken bruschetta tacos and much, much more.

My favorite? The potato stackers. Basically, a potato sliced, deep fried and stuff thrown on top of it. Everything I ever wanted in a fried potato and more. It better have been because I waited on line for at least 45 minutes for this thing. My potato love is serious.

Although the heat was just downright painful, it really did help balance out the jars of Sangria we consumed because we seat so much of it out. Escaping to the nice air conditioned might have also been on the top of my list for the day.

 It was a good day filled with family, friends and lots of food and wine. It also included a nice fireworks show to end the day.

Sunday we went for a little family brunch, Mimosas were included. Hair of the dog or whatever.

I then proceeded to take a nap and try to recover, did some work and was in bed by 10 p.m. sharp. Overall, a solid weekend of fun.

How did you enjoy your weekend?
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  1. Wine and food sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  2. Oh my gosh, that photo with the wine that looks like fireworks are coming out of it is so cool! Those potato stackers look so good, too :)

  3. Potatoes, cheesecake on a stick, and mimosas??? Count me IN!


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